Our technicians work hard every day to make sure that your machine is ready for you when you want to get the job done.

Chad Moreau- Service Manager Michael Cole- Technician Paul "Buddy" Charette- Owner

Labor Rate: $80 per hour

Service Process:

  1. Machine taken into our shop and tagged
  2. Triage- the machine is looked over thoroughly for the issue it is brought in for and anything else that might effect the performance of the machine
  3. Quote- the customer is called with a quote based on what the technician finds on the machine during triage
  4. Parts ordered/ pulled- When the customer approves some or all of the the parts are ordered and pulled for the technician to install on the machine
  5. Repair- the technician repairs the machine
  6. QC- the machine is used by another staff member to assure that it functions properly and safely based on the quote that the customer approved.
  7. Checkout- the machine is washed and billed and the customer is called to pick up the machine

**All machines not picked up within 5 days of the customer being informed it is complete will incur a storage fee of $10 per day, unless other arrangements are made with management.  No inside storage is available for long term storage.